Customized headlight bulbs


Customized headlight bulbs

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VEHICLERGB-Kindle Industry Limited founded in 2013, we focus on innovating vehicular smart LED lighting solutions. Make driving easier and safer.
We are glad to supply you with the best products and service.
Major products are including 7 inch LED Headlights, Front Fog Lights, DRL, Work lights, Auxiliary Light bars, and Portable Work lights etc.
In particular, we are focusing on the smart lighting. The smart series products are including LED controller, headlights, light kits, light pods, and RGB series etc. All the research we are doing is to improve the safety on the road. Make all the lights become smart.
Our factory has established the quality management system ISO 9001: 2008. We are having 3 production lines, and the monthly capability of each will be 1 million dollars. The plant is established 6S management system. All the raw materials are stored according to the ISO 9001:2008. We will keep improving the management, optimizing the production line and offer the better work condition for the workers at the same time.
Sealing is done in the clean booth by automatic dispenser. This will minimized the dust. It is 100 thousands grade cleans workshop and is 10 times efficient than the traditional clean room to minimize the dust. We are trying the offer the customers the perfect products and ensure they buy what they paid.
Fixture, the headlights will be fasten for 8 hours to ensure the glue dry completely. It is the key procedure to make sure the waterproof function. The fixture could make sure the covers stressed evenly and sealed.
The test items of finish products are including volt, current, functions, and vibration. The outlook of each light will be checked carefully. The visible spot, dust or other defect isn't acceptable on the surface. After these above, they will be packed and be perfect.
As more than 8 years experiences working at the world's leading Auto lighting company (OSRAM/Valeo), Our R&D team can offer professional design all in one. Such as optics solutions, heating solutions and power supply solutions etc.Customized headlight bulbs
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