PVD Vacuum Coating Machine


PVD Vacuum Coating Machine

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ZY-1712 decorative vacuum coating machine is a kind of advanced composite multi-arc magnetron sputtering coating equipment especially designed for depositing wear resistant decorative film on mobile phone shell, it fully combines the strengths of both ion plating and magnetron sputtering to greatly improve the uniformity and adhesion of the film.

ZY-1713 decorative vacuum coating machine integrates planar cathode arc ion plating technology, DC magnetron sputtering, mid-frequency magnetron sputtering, pulsed bias technology and other advanced technology to ensure excellent film adhesion, smooth finish and uniformity. It also uses high power mid-frequency sputtering power system, pulse bias power system and mid-frequency cylindrical targets to improve targets deposition rate and dielectric film sputtering rate. ZY-1713 is also equipped with latest PLC intelligent program and touch screen automatic control system, so the machine is characterized by simple operation, reliable performance and high efficiency.

ZY-1713 decorative vacuum coating machine can deposit various high quality films such as TiN, TiC, TiCN, CrN, TiAlN and different colors like IP black, rose gold, IP gold, sapphire blue, champagne, silver, coffee, gun black, zirconium gold, rose red, etc. The coating layer is very dense and glossy with good wear resistance. So ZY-1713 is widely used in cell phone, watch and clocks, golf equipment, hardware, tableware, decorations, etc.

● ZY-1713 is environmental friendly and pollution-free equipment.
● Large size furnace design ensures large output and high efficiency, and helps save the cost.
● Full automatic control system ensures simple operation and stable performance.
● The coating layer is smooth, dense and lustrous with good film uniformity and repeatability.

Vacuum Chamberφ1700 × H1300Effective Coating Spaceφ1300 × H900
Voltage/Hz400V±10 %/50HzActual Power150KW
Max Diameter of Work-Piece × Qualityφ150 × 24PCSTarget8 Cylindrical Targets /10
Arc Targets/2 Planar Target
TechnologyMid-Frequency + ARC
Planar Target + Ion Source
(Optional)Leak Rate<10-3Pa.L/s
Ultimate Pressure8.0×10-4PaOccupation SpaceL4000×W4000×H2500MM
Pump Down Time(from atm. to 6X10-3 Pa) ≤25 minsVacuum Chamber StructureVertical Single Open
Work-Piece TurntableLower Frame StructureVacuum SystemMolecular Pump, Roots Pump, Rotary Vane Pump
Power SourceDC Inverter Power Source, Pulse-Bias Power Supply, Mid-Frequency Magnetron Power Supply, DC Magnetron Power SupplyNecessary ConditionsCirculating Water
Compressed Air:4-6KG/CM3
Coating Cycle0.5~2 Hours/FurnaceWorking GasAr, N2, C2H2, etc
Operationl ModeManual + Semi-Auto
+ Full-Automatic/Torch Screen + PLCApplicationDecorative PVD Plating
RemarksThe Furnace, Outlook and Other Parameters Can be Customized According to Your Requirement

Characters of Decorative Coatings
IP Series
ColorGoldChampagneBrownRosySapphireChromium WhiteSilver GrayGun BlackUltra Black
Salt fog Test> 48H> 48H> 48H> 48H> 48H> 48H> 48H> 48H> 48H

DH Series
Hardness(HV)Thickness(µm)Abrasion Test Salt Fog TestColor
800~10000.8~2.5>1000 times>48HDecorative Coating color

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PVD Vacuum Coating Machine
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