LTE Volte WiFi Phone manufacturers


LTE Volte WiFi Phone manufacturers

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Beetelco Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading Provider of mobile broadband solutions and products to meet the demands of global mobile operators for 4G/4G+ wireless access service like the Internet, VOIP, Volte & IPTV etc. Based in Guangzhou, China, Beetelco possesses the strong R&D capability, R&D staff accounts for over 40% proportion of all employees, backbone R&D staff have 10-20 years R&D experience in the telecom field.
Beetelco has released the fixed wireless & mobile broadband products including LTE indoor CPEs, LTE outdoor CPEs(ODU), 4G FWP and 4G MiFi Hotspot etc. As a technology-driven company with the excellent technical team and high-quality manufacturing, Beetelco delivers LTE routers of first-class design level and high-grade outdoor CPEs to the partners, and makes fast, robust and seamless wireless services easily available.
Beetelco always gives great attentions to “Customer Satisfaction" and provides prompt assistance to the customers. With the increasing presence in Europe, South America, Africa, Southeast Asia etc, especially that our major customers are carriers and industrial integrators, both domestic and abroad, we've been ready to present first-class products and services to them.LTE Volte WiFi Phone manufacturers
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