Rescue global animals donation association/救援全球动物捐款籌款协会


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Rescue global animals donation association/救援全球动物捐款籌款协会

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Rescue global animals donation association/救援全球动物捐款籌款协会


We are Rescue global animals donation association/救援全球动物捐款籌款协会.

We are an international famous donation association for rescuing the global homelessness animals around the world over 180 nations , if you want supporting us a bit rescuing power for any animals in the world, welcome send us some donation money to us by bank remittance or western union or paypal or wechat pay or ali pay those are also available to send us donation money to help and rescue the global animals , you can see our bank details and western union details and ali pay or wechat pay id or qr code details on our facebook page then you can transfer or send or wire us your donation money from anywhere around the world your donation money in anytime 24 hours! we need your supporting to help and save and rescue the global animals! so don’t hesitate! plz help and support and sponsor us immediately from the global anywhere you!


我们是一个国际著名的救援全球动物捐款籌款协会, 拯救全球180多个国家的动物,如果你想支持我们一点拯救世界上任何动物的力量, 欢迎通过银行汇款或西聯的方式给我们一些捐赠资金或paypal或微信支付或阿里支付那些也可以给我们捐款, 以帮助和救援全球动物, 你可以看到我们的银行细节和西聯和paypal的细节和阿里支付或 wechat支付 id 或 qr 代码细节在我们的 facebook 页面上, 然后你可以转过或发送或电汇给我们您的捐款从世界各地的任何地方您的捐款在任何时间 24小时!我们需要你们的支持来帮助、拯救和拯救全球动物!所以不要再犹豫了!请帮助和支持和赞助我们立即从全球任何地方你!

our global contact mail for 24 hours : or

welcome to visit our donation association on our Facebook

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