Automatic Circular Seam Welding Machine


Automatic Circular Seam Welding Machine

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Automatic Pressure Vessel SAW Circular Seam Welding Line
This automatic welding line is specially designed for gas tank, air tank, pressure vessel tank automatic welding. It includes both automatic longitudinal seam welding machine and automatic circular seam welding machine. It can weld the tank with diameter below 2500mm, thickness below 12mm and length below 9m, adopts TIG / Plasma welding methods.
Workpiece is fixed by the head and tail positioner. Welding torch is average moving along the circular seam of barrel by AC servo motor and ball screw, torch moving speed can be adjusted by manual according to welding process.
This machine has the following features:
• Applications for small to large-scale circular seam welding.
• Weldable materials of stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized steel and aluminum, etc.
• TIG, MIG, MAG, PAW, SAW, Plasma, Laser welding process for choice.
• One side welding with double-sides forming.
• Special specification available on request.
• Fast fabrication speed than normal assembly method.
• Four torches welding circular seam one time together.
• World famous brand Lincoln SAW power source to ensure stability.
• World famous electric control parts used in all this line.
If you're interested in the high-tech automatic pressure vessel saw circular seam welding line for sale, please be free to buy the equipment with our professional manufacturers and suppliers. We will offer you competitive price and excellent service.Automatic Circular Seam Welding Machine
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