corrugated roof price


corrugated roof price

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The 900 wave type plant corrosion tile, synthetic resin tile is an improved version of the synthetic resin tile small waveform. The utilization rate is high, the 900 wave type plant corrosion tile is also called the 900 synthetic resin tile. The big wave type tile plant corrosion in the original wave shaped PVC tile were extended and enhanced PVC Watts as the structural strength of flat body roofing materials, which have better anti load force.
By the test of the market, the wave shaped plant corrosion to Varian is simple, low price, high performance to price ratio, have a broad market prospect, and is widely used in industrial plants, commercial greenhouses, residential villas, and buildings install Decoration and other works

BM 900
Actual width: 900mm-1100mm
Effective width: 880mm
Recommended Thickness: 3.0mm Wall Panel 2.0mm
Purl-in Distance: Wall ≤1200mm, roofing ≤800mm
modelActual widthWave heightWave distanceNumber of waves
T 720720156511
T 940940401766
T 910910382105
T 900900272105
T 940940132255
T 10301030322405
T 10881088251129
T 11301130252105
SW 720720156310
corrugated roof price
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