Pcb Conveyor suppliers


Pcb Conveyor suppliers

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SMT Conveyor with SMEMA connector SMT machine linking conveyor PCB Handling Equipment SMT Inspection Belt Conveyor
1. Feature
■ modular design, optional assembly as per client’s requirement.
■ Rugged steel design, improves equipment stability .
■ Smooth stainless steel screw to adjust the width of the rail.
■ variable speed control.
■ Circuit board testing mode.
■ using a dedicated aluminum slot for transfer orbit to prevent PCB stuck.
■ heavier bottom design, not easily shift.
■ machine length can be customized.

2. Specification
Item SMT conveyor
1 Power AC 220V/single phase 50/60HZ
2 Sideway adjustable width 50-350mm
3 Rail length 1500mm
4 Conveyor Height 900/20mm
5 Power consumption 45W
6 Dimension 1500*750*900±20mm(L*W*H)
7 Weight 65kg

3. Machine ImagePcb Conveyor suppliers
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