China 24V diesel heater factory


China 24V diesel heater factory

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PTC Heater for diesel oil pre-heat.
1. Configuration.
The heater consist of PTC self-controlling ceramic heating pellet, insulator, aliminium shell.
2. Some samples of uses.
Used in automobile, such as bus, vehicle, for pre-heating diesel system. The 0# diesel will be freezed, if it is under 4℃, and automobile can not be started, and low temperature diesel with expensive cost have to be used for low temperature. Using heater to pre-heat the diesel, 0# diesel could be started at low temperature.
PTC Heater for diesel oil pre-heat is self-controlled it’s temperature, the surface temperature will not over 150℃. It’s very safety anyway.
3. Notice in appliance.
1) The surface temperature of PTC can be controlled by itself, no over- temperature and no burn would be happened.
2) Our PTC products are high reliable, long aging. 5~10 year life time is no problem.
3) A thermostat can be series with the heater, for controlling the temperature in diesel.
4) Parallel connection is necessary for two or more PTC connection.
4. Current products.
Pipeline heater.
Connect the heater and pipeline in series, after pre-heating, the diesel will be unfreezed.
Part numberRate
voltage Vr/VDCSurface temperature Ts/℃Width
/mmPower at bigging
P0/WPower at 180s
1) Surface temperature is tested without diesel contacting the heater.
2) Power at 180s is tested with the condition: the heater is put in diesel at -20℃, and the heater heat diesel for 180s.
3) The length can be selected by customer. The longger is the length, the larger is the power at 180s.
4) The surface temperature can be selected by customer. The higher is the surface temperature, the larger is the power at 180s.
contact information
Company name: Shenzhen TianChengQianHai Tech Development Co., Ltd
Address: Room 201, Block A, No. 1, Qianwan Road 1, Qianhai Shenzhen - Hong Kong currency Zone, Shenzhen (Located at Shenzhen Qianhai Commerce Secretariat Co., Ltd.)
DongGuan office: Room502, Hongji, Plaza, No. 15 Dezhen West Road, ChangAn Town, DongGuan City, GuangDong, CHINA.
Contact: Liang Deng
Contact phone: ` 0769-83003459
Phone: 13903038240
Fax: 0769-85476330
TianChengQianHai is an ISO 9001 certificated company specialized in manufacturing and marketing pipeline heater ptc heater for diesel oil pre-heat.. As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, our factory also offers you free sample, customized service as well as quotation consultation service.China 24V diesel heater factory
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