China Fitness Equipment Gym Cable


China Fitness Equipment Gym Cable

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Who are we?
Guofeng is a dedicated industrial manufacturing solution provider for steel wire ropes, control cables, and computer security locks. Guofeng has been providing valuable solutions, products, and services to clients from North America and Europe as early as the beginning of the new millennium.
Our services
◆ Unmatched expertise in manufacturing solutions
◆ Designing products to meet special requirements
◆ Manufacturing products via state-of-the-art industrial processes
◆ Extensive testing to ensure products meet or exceed all applicable specifications
◆ Timely delivery of orders
◆ Continuous product support

Our Mission
Our mission, first and foremost, is to provide the highest level of service to our customers. We understand that developing and nurturing mutually beneficial relationships is the key to success for all parties involved. In addition to customer service, our mission is to continue to innovate and provide quality products that allow our customers to succeed. We also understand that it is our responsibility to protect, nurture and grow the legacy that has been established by tapping into the entrepreneurial spirit that started it all and which continues to be the cornerstone of our culture.
Wire rope assembly has a wide range of application inside the vehicle such as brake, gear, window, rear mirror, gas pedal, machinery and electronic device of the control system. It can also be applied to use in general industries such as lashing, supporting, dragging and lifting etc.

Why Choose Us
◆ All components are fully traceable and certified to ISO9001 standards
◆ Certified with Safe Working Load (SWL) and Minimum Breaking Load (MBL)
◆ Proof loading to your criteria, with full test results and certification
◆ Test equipment is routinely serviced, maintained & calibrated
◆ OEM / ODM: 15 engineers providing 7x24 service
◆ 7S principle / full-scale QC system / state-of-the-art test equipmentChina Fitness Equipment Gym Cable
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