Desktop Air Purifier factory


Desktop Air Purifier factory

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Product Name: HEPA Car Air Purifier
Product model: EDS-1698
Rated power: 12W
Rated voltage: 12V
Rated current: 1A
Negative ion amount: 8 million / cm3
Net weight: 720g/pcs
Gross weight: 1.26kg/pcs
Applicable area: 10-15m2
Product size: 280X210X55mm
Color box size: 293X232X101mm
Outer box size: 635X315X490mm
Packing number: 12pcs/ctn
Gross weight: 18KG/ctn
What is a car purifier?
Car purifiers, also known as car air purifiers, car air purifiers, car air purifiers, usually consist of a high-voltage generating circuit negative ion generator, micro-fan, air filter and other systems. It is an air purifier designed to purify the odor, toxic and harmful gases, bacteria and viruses in the car's air.
What are the characteristics of the car air purifier?
1, Multi-effect, ultra-efficient purification air purifier has multiple purification functions: negative ions + super activated carbon. It can actively purify every part of the car, effectively killing harmful bacteria and bacteria in the air and removing dust, smoke and odor.
2, Bactericidal and disease-resistant, refusing the flu can effectively prevent disease, sterilize, improve lung function and promote metabolism. Tea tree oil is an anti-inflammatory and bactericidal medicine for Australian Aboriginal people for centuries. It can effectively eliminate bacterial viruses in the car by destroying the cell tissues and energy sources of bacteria and viruses.
3, Natural aromatherapy, refreshing lemon tea tree essential oil is a unique plant in Australia, rare and precious. The fresh lemon scent has a low-key wood, refreshing and refreshing, making you feel comfortable and happy.
4, Touch the button, convenient and easy to use intimate air touch design, the button is simple, easy to understand, easy to touch healthy life. Simple design, can be directly inserted in the cigarette lighter, placed above the car dashboard or tied to the front of the co-pilot seat, purifying the entire car air faster and more efficient, without taking up extra space.
5, Fashion design, convenient application of air purifier product design front-end fashion, the cover is decorated with aluminum alloy, dazzling. Bring unique decorations to your car and enjoy the luxury.
What are the maintenance methods for car air purifiers? It depends on the different filters.
1. Filter purification class:
Some require regular cleaning to maintain the cleansing effect, while others do not, but most require a filter. Generally only need to replace the ionizer. There is also a change of one year, and the longest one has changed for six years.
2. Ion purification class:
This type of product can be replaced after about 17500 hours of use.Desktop Air Purifier factory
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